Wednesday, March 3, 2010

derby girls like it rough!

as of march 14th, 2010 i will have been skating for four years. yes. four glorious years! and with no end in sight, and a wealth of knowledge i have stuck floating around in this derby nerd brain of mine... i thought what better than to do a blog devoted to roller derby? i have lots of experience from three years at rollercon, a WFTDA league representative, league Finance guru, and an unreal amount of hours researching, i have learned a lot of shit... but most importantly, like any good derby girl... i always think i'm right! so i will post informative things that i can have my league refer back to instead of retyping the same shit every year with a new wave of newbies, or i may get some ideas from other leagues, or sometimes just telling the world how great my life is with this amazing thing known as roller derby!

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