Thursday, May 6, 2010

oh, hai. we're a big deal...

snipped from DNN.

Kansas City In Trouble? Or Omaha on the Move?
There's also a big negative move for previous #14 Kansas City. KC takes a severe drop to #23 after nearly losing to a Omaha team that has never previously seemed to present a threat to top-25 teams -- that bout ended 125-114. It remains to be seen whether that result was an outlier, a sign of new strength for Omaha, or a sign of big trouble for KC, but for the moment they drop 9 slots.

Two Teams To Watch
Omaha -- As mentioned above, it's currently hard to tell whether their close bout with Kansas City is a portent of big things to come for the Nebraska team. Bouts against Ohio and Grand Raggidy at the May 22-23 Midwest Brewhaha will help a little in judging their strength.

be on the look out. we're going to make some waves at Brew! be sure to watch it on the DNN feed, and donate to DNN!

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